Medical Professional Liability

Medical Professional Liability Insurance PortlandSky Insurance Agency is the leader in placing medical malpractice insurance for physicians and clinics in Oregon and Southwest Washington.

Tim Smigel, Principal Broker of Sky Insurance Agency, can assist you and your partners in three primary areas as you evaluate medical professional liability options: cost savings, claims handling, and risk management.

Cost Savings: Medical clinics Tim works with have reduced their annual premiums by as much as 50% after appointing him as their broker. He also negotiates for improved terms and conditions for current policies. For larger medical clinics, Tim can perform a loss analysis to assist a clinic in understanding its loss history in relationship to its premium. A loss analysis can be beneficial in negotiating a more competitive premium with an insurance company that best fits the needs of the medical clinic.

Claims Handling: Tim has longstanding relationships with the majority of attorneys in Oregon specializing in defending physicians in medical negligence claims. This has afforded Tim a comprehensive understanding of the litigation process, the players involved, and the different philosophies and services insurance companies have and use during the claims process. While most insurance companies use the same attorneys, insurance companies do have unique philosophies and services they provide to insureds and the attorneys prior to and during litigation. All things are not equal among insurance companies, and some have more comprehensive services provided to insureds and attorneys throughout the claims process to resolution.

Risk Management: Tim is a specialist in assisting medical groups with utilizing risk services offered by insurance companies. Understanding the risk management resources available to you through your insurance company can greatly improve patient safety as well as reduce the likelihood of a claim. Due to Tim’s experience working for a medical professional liability company and handling the medical professional liability insurance for medical clinics of all sizes and specialties, he has a comprehensive understanding of what risk services are available through insurance companies and can assist a clinic in evaluating what level of support it needs. Not all insurance companies provide the same level of service, comparable risk programs, or have locally based risk managers. The needs of a medical clinic can vary depending on its size, whether it is hospital based or not, or having one location or multiple locations.

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