Lawyers’ Professional Liability

Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance PortlandOur mission at Sky Insurance Agency is to align your risk with the most comprehensive coverage at the most competitive premium.


We will do this by learning about your firm and areas of specialty and then marketing your risk to insurance carriers specializing in firms similar to yours. Not all law firms are alike—they differ in size, areas of practice, and geographic footprints. Similarly, not all insurance companies specializing in lawyers’ professional liability are a good fit for all law firms.

The advantage of working with Sky Insurance Agency is we will take the time to get to know you, your firm, and your risk. By building a relationship with your firm, we will be better prepared to match your risk with the right insurance company. Through the process of looking at options from multiple insurance companies, we will work to negotiate the most competitive terms, conditions, and premium for your firm.

For larger firms, Sky Insurance Agency can complete a loss analysis to assist you and your firm in understanding your risk in relationship to the premium. A loss analysis can also be used to negotiate the lowest premium for your firm’s professional liability insurance.

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