Disability & Life Insurance

Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance Portland OregonAs a professional, it is vital to protect your most valuable asset—your ability to earn income.


Disability income insurance pays benefits to people who, as a result of an injury or illness, are unable to perform the duties of their occupation. At Sky Insurance Agency, we will work with you to provide options from top rated carriers that will provide “own occupation” protection.

Options for key person disability insurance are also available and can be a crucial benefit to protect an organization in the event that a partner can no longer work due to a disability. When a key person is not able to work for a period of time due to a qualifying disability, key person disability insurance can offset lost income to the company.

Life Insurance

Professional Life and Disability Insurance for Portland, OregonAs a high earning professional, it is important to plan for the future and for an unexpected event by ensuring that your family and assets are protected.


At Sky Insurance Agency we will work with you to provide options from top rated carriers that can provide term or whole life policies.

Options for key person life insurance are also available for organizations with multiple partners. In the event that a high earning partner unexpectedly passes away, key person life insurance can assist to recoup lost income until the position can be filled. In addition, and depending on the bylaws of an organization, key person insurance may also pay a widow or widower for ownership the partner has in the company.

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